Kierney’s Story

Kierney is in many ways a typical 7 year old, she enjoys school, music and all of the things that you’d expect a 7 year old to enjoy. However, Kierney also has atypical autism and as a result she has high anxiety and very challenging behaviour.

Kierney will always be found with something in her mouth, is obsessively compulsive and has no sense of danger. In recent months, she has become increasingly violent and has even been absconding from school.

Many of you will read this and assume that she is just a naughty child, but Kierney is anything but. A child with atypical autism and her combination of other needs isn’t just naughty, they have a disability. That doesn’t make it any easier for her mother and her two sisters though who are coping with Kierney’s behaviour day in and day out, while trying their utmost to continue to give her all the love and support a 7 year old needs.

All that Kierney’s family really need is a little bit of extra support in the form of respite to help them through. We want to be able to provide a bit more support for her so that Kierney’s family can recharge and be ready to support her in the future.

If you are able to help with a donation however great or small it would be very much appreciated and will make a big difference to Kierney and her family.