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Check out what’s on for our upcoming holiday sessions:

Christmas 2020

We have lots of fun activities to do throughout the corse of the sessions.

Activity 1

Let’s decorate the tree!

Christmas lolly stick tree decorations

Using coloured lolly sticks the children can manipulate the lolly sticks to
create a shape of their choice. They can then decorate and take home
to put on their tree.

Activity 2

Decorate a biscuit

Using a couple of biscuits of their choice, children can decorate their biscuit
to look like a snowman and then eat it after for snack time.

Activity 3

Snowman bowling

The children can all decorate their own polystyrene cup to look like a
Snowman. Then they can each take it in turns to use the snowballs to
try and knock down as many snowmen as they can.

Activity 4

Making a Stickman

Listen to the story of stickman if they want to-Support with props and
Visuals to make sensory.Taking it in turns to go and collect sticks

More information:

Our sessions currently run:

  • 10am till 12pm – morning sessions

 1pm till 3pm. – afternoon sessions 


Teenage Group

Teenage sessions run from 10am till 1pm. Teenagers are required to bring their own lunch to the session.

If you’d like to know more information please contact us.

Our next sessions will be over the Febuary half term so stay tune for details of “what’s on”.