What We Do

What is Respite

Respite takes many forms. For most of our children it means regular support at home from a Children’s Respite Trust Carer. For others it involves attending a regular activity and for some it might be a week in a private respite centre that we have organised. Either way, it means that families can get a much-needed break from the strain of caring for a disabled child 24 hours a day.


We always start by helping families get respite from their local authority. Our caseworkers assist families to get the support to which they are entitled. This way we’re not replacing what the Government should do and this can often mean greater ongoing respite than we can provide directly. Once this route is exhausted we can consider what support we can provide through our fundraising.

Community Respite

The Trust’s Community Respite Team are a dedicated group of carers who give families a break at home and in the community. The Children can rarely be left with another family member or ordinary babysitter, so this service means having qualified carers, trained in the individual needs of each child.