Your school could help the Children’s Respite Trust by giving us a chance to give a talk to help spread awareness of the needs of disabled children and their families. We want to help educate children about what it means to be disabled or to have a family member with a disability. Children's Respite Trust Charity for disabled children in Sussex, Kent from Sevenoaks to Eastbourne

Another way that your school could help is by fundraising for the Children’s Respite Trust, so that we are able to continue our work with disabled children and their families throughout Sussex. Please take a look at our schools fundraising pack linked below to learn a bit more about the importance of our work in schools and to see how you could raise funds to help a family in need. If you feel that your school may be able to help the Trust in some way, or you have an opportunity for one of our enthusiastic Ambassadors to come and give a talk then please give us a call on 01825 817417.