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We have converted the former Friday Advertiser printing works into our Centre, which is full of fun, colour and care for disabled children.

In our centre we have a large play area, including a messy play corner with lots of fun and messy activities, a soft play area which is very fun and stimulating for the children to let off steam, as well as a family-style dining room, which the children use to eat their lunch.

Across from the open plan kitchen is our sensory corner with bubble tower, star curtains, sensory tiled floor and fiber optics. Everything in the centre is very accessible so that all of the children can make good use of it.

We are installing a lift in January to gain access to the upstairs of the Centre, where hosts our quiet lounge with a big TV and interactive games on the xbox, a little library and comfy sofas and bean bags. Upstairs is also our therapy room, which is for children to have quiet time, therapies for the lovely parents and meetings to discuss casework.

What it means for the families


How you can help…

We have received some incredibly generous donations from Trusts & Foundations, local companies, Rotary Clubs and Masonic lodges around the south coast in the last few months to secure the capital side of our project of opening up our centre, and we have told their stories over on our News page.

These wonderful donations have enabled us to move forward in a big way, but now we have to work really hard in securing the care costs. We have a beautiful and developed centre, but we need to secure the costs that go along with providing the care, like; salaries, rent, utilities and staff training.

To support our project and join us on this incredible journey, click on the above image! For more info on how you can get involved by donating or volunteering, phone the team on 01825 817417 or email info@crtchairty.org or visit our page: Fundraising 

For live updates on our journey and info about the centre please check our Facebook page and Instagram page