Anyone can refer themselves to the Children’s Respite Trust. It doesn’t need to come from a health or social care professional, although we will ask for permission to speak to any other professionals involved with your child’s care as a part of the assessment process.

Children's Respite Trust Charity for disabled children in Sussex, Kent from Sevenoaks to EastbourneCheck out our criteria for support page to see if we can help you.

Please be aware that the Trust is not in the business of arranging emergency respite and we always begin by ensuring that the statutory authorities are doing their bit. Additionally, we only commit to providing private respite, once the funds are raised, which means, it is always worth thinking ahead.

By all means get in touch about a family if you are a social-worker, but please bear in mind that we will not be replacing any statutory responsibilities and we will still need to be able to liaise with the family directly. We are very conscious that families have been through many assessments, so we aim to keep ours as brief and as unobtrusive as possible, while making sure we get all the information we need.

Why not start by just giving us a call – you have nothing to lose: 01825 817417