Out of this World First Term for Little Stars

Little Stars have sparkled this term at the Children's Respite Trust

The Little Stars Nursery, has just completed its first term of the academic year, making a profound difference in the lives of children with disabilities and their families.

From day one, our dedicated staff has created an atmosphere of love, support, and boundless enthusiasm. Children with a range of disabilities, from developmental delays to physical impairments, have been welcomed with open arms, proving that differences are not just accepted but celebrated.

The first term of 23-24 in Little Stars Nursery was marked by several significant achievements for the Children’s Respite Trust:

1. A Tailored Curriculum:

At Little Stars we understand that each child is unique, and their educational needs should reflect that. The nursery has developed a personalised curriculum that adapts to the specific needs and abilities of each child. As children settled in this term they worked on the ‘All about Me’ topic, where the care team promoted activities to help them reach their personal, social and emotional developmental milestones. Using resources such as books, numbers and messy play the Little Stars were able to learn and explore their own identity while picking up valuable communication skills and important numeracy knowledge.

2. Expert Care and Support:

The nursery’s team of experienced and compassionate professionals has grown this term with the introduction of some new team members. Newly instated Senior Care practitioner Sharron brings a wealth of early years knowledge to Little Stars and her experience in

other settings means she’s a great person to guide our team. Grace has also joined the team as an early years apprentice bringing new ideas to inspire our young minds. The growing team ensures that we can help more children with additional needs and make sure each child receives the best possible care.  The addition of more training for other staff, such as the visuals use provided by ISEND, maintains our high standards of childcare.

3. Carefully Curated Environment:

‘Little Stars’ Nursery is well-equipped with specialised facilities to cater to children with disabilities. These include a sensory room, adaptive play areas and designated outdoor space, giving each child the tools they need to thrive. Changes to the centre have made sure to optimise learning and reduce challenges. Carefully adapted sensory play and the use of  mirrors brings lessons and stories to life for little ones that previously didn’t engage with books.  The focus on developing secure relationships with key workers this term, has lead to a better understanding of how they can provide the best nurturing environment for our stars to shine.

4. A Strong Emphasis on Inclusivity:

Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of ‘Little Stars’ Nursery’s philosophy. We have championed this through visit to the local community and celebrations of other cultures. Children have visited and met key figures in their local area such as an excursion to the Fire Station in Uckfield. Ensuring that children are accessing their local community and meeting prominent figures is essential to ensure they feel valued and aids their social development. In addition, on their trips out children have been given the opportunity to pick their own snacks at the supermarket promoting healthy eating habits and prioritising their ability to choose.

5. Family Engagement:

The nursery recognises the importance of family involvement in a child’s development. Regular meetings and open communication channels have been established to ensure parents are well-informed and actively engaged in their child’s progress.

The first term of ‘Little Stars’ Nursery has proven to be an extraordinary success story. Parents have seen remarkable progress in their children’s development, both academically and socially. The smiles, laughter, and sense of belonging in the nursery are a testament to the dedicated work of The Children’s Respite Trust and the entire Little Stars team.

As we celebrate the end of an incredible first term at the Little Stars Nursery, we eagerly look forward to the remainder of the academic year.  We can’t wait to see what the next term will bring and how many more little stars will shine.