Games Galore for Sibling’s Club!

The first CRT Sibling's Club of 2023!

On Monday last week we hosted our first sibling’s club of the year. The children gathered at the centre and it was a great opportunity to try out some of the new games donated over the festive period. The generous donations included those from More Radio and Tesco Uckfield Toy Appeal. With a variety of options the team of young people chose to play Jenga and Dobble.

Some of the children had met before, while other’s were new so board games were the perfect way to break the ice. The children quickly bonded over the activities and worked as a team to beat the support workers! At Sibling’s Club, we strive to create a friendly, low pressure environment for the sibling’s to socialise with others in a similar position to their own. Last weeks session was a great example of this with the children coming together, having fun and opening up to each other.

After the giggles had subsided from the final collapsed Jenga tower we headed up to the cosy lounge for a movie and pizza.
The children chose to watch Puss in Boots on the new TV kindly donated by the Teddy Bear Run. After all the fun, it was clear that the children enjoyed relaxing with their new friends.

We look forward to welcoming the siblings back in next month’s club.