Uckfield Rotary Club

Uckfield Rotary Club

We had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Holman from the Uckfield Rotary Club last week. We welcomed Jeff to our new premises to show him around, tell him all our plans for the future, the development of the centre, and basically had a good old catch up on what has been happening at the Children’s Respite Trust.

Craft time!

Uckfield Rotary kindly donated £1273.07 a few years ago to assist the charity on their journey with providing care over East Sussex and Kent, and Jeff came with another incredibly kind donation! The Rotary club had a raffle for us at their annual event a few weeks ago, and Jeff presented us the £300 donation towards our new centre, which we are aiming to put towards our Messy Play area, by purchasing lots of lovely craft packs for the children to use regularly.

We would like to thank the Uckfield Rotary club for being so very kind and supportive to our charity over the years, we cannot wait to invite them back in a few months time when the work is completed on our new respite centre, showing how their generous donations have been used.

Thank you, from The Children’s Respite Trust

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